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Do you want to learn English? Are you still looking for an English school that would suit you best? A lot of people are now looking into learning this language because the world is indeed getting smaller. With the global phenomenon of the internet, and English being the number one language being used in the web, more and more people actuallyMath tutoring English tutors Science tutoring see the need to learn it. Plus the fact that traveling around the world is getting more affordable every day, communicating with the people whose country you are traveling to becomes essential . What do most countries use as their foreign language? You guessed it correctly, its English. So why is Manila, Philippines a good place to study English? First and foremost, the Philippines is one of the few countries in Asia whose majority of the population speaks and understands English. In almost all the corners of this country, to the most remote area you could possibly visit, Math tutoring English tutors Science tutoring they can understand and talk in English . If you go to major cities of the country, such as Manila, I can guarantee you that you will never get lost, frustrated or confused because of any type of language barrier. I can assure you too of the people's hospitality and warm welcome to any foreigner. With the American occupation after World War 2 and the big influx of American missionaries, the Filipinos are one of the better English speaking countries in Asia. Given those factors, your learning of English will not stop inside the classroom since everybody else communicates in the said language. Secondly, Manila is an urban city with lots of shopping malls and commercial areas that will surely keep you busy during your stay. This place also boasts of quite a selection of good restaurants, from Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Mexican and American cuisine , you will surely find the type Math tutoring English tutors Science tutoring of food you eat in this place. Even popular fast food chains are in no shortage in this town. Traveling around the city should be no problem since there are quite a few numbers of means of transportation. You can take a taxi cab, the jeepney, a bus or the MRT. Word of caution, the city is not immune to traffic and pick pockets so always be careful when you are moving around Manila. Just do not worry too much about the pick pockets , like I said, Filipinos are very hospitable and are always willing to help tourists. Third reason why a lot of people study English in Manila is the cost of the school and even the cost of living is very cheap. Compared to studying in Australia, Canada or the US, studying inMath tutoring English tutors Science tutoring Manila, Philippines would only cost you a fourth or a third of the tuition fee if you opt for other places. With the tuition fees and the cost of board and lodging combined, it still comes out way cheaper compared to studying in America or Australia.