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The availability of opportunity for extracurricular activities in the schools crafts it different from others and it helps to develop the personal skills of the child. The accurate meaning of education is followed in OIS and they believe that education should not only create an intellectual generation but also construct a compassionate, advanced in all sphere generation who can turn out to be the back bone of the future based on the immense diversity and culture of the land.We can suggest you a few International schools in north Delhi which records the internationals study patterns. Like Cambridge International School, Delhi International School etc. Cambridge International education schools provides educational at its excellence, which makes Cambridge qualifications - like IGCSE and International A/AS Level - renowned among universities and employers across the world. The infrastructure and other co-curricular facilities in these schools are also maintained by reminding the foreign styles and standards. Your child will learn and enjoy a lot in such a healthy environment to study and learn. Many of these schools offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Program which can lead to an IB diploma. This is a specific program that is included in the international schools grade of study pattern in various schools overseas in India too. Oakridge always maintain their core values of unity, integrity, accountability, enthusiasm and compassion to build up a fresh generation with high aptitude and larger possibility of nation building keeping the heritage of our country.